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Maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle is the first and most important step toward beautiful skin. Positive attitude, healthy diet, and exercise are fundamentally important. Stress control, adequate sleep, and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol are essential. Beyond these basics, healthy skin care for most people consists of daily thorough cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection. Depending on your environment, activity level, and how oily your skin is, more frequent cleansing and/or the addition of products for acne prevention and treatment may be indicated. If your skin is losing its elasticity, developing fine wrinkles and/or pigment spots, anti-aging formulas should be added to your regimen. Although non-prescription products are available online, prescription strength is most effective. Using our high quality products in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle will go a long way toward controlling and forestalling an aged appearance for most people.

Regular attention to care of your skin can maintain a healthy and appealing surface for many years. Irregular pigmentation, rough texture, fine wrinkles, and breakouts can be controlled or prevented. Beyond these features, contour changes (sagging, or gravitational descent of soft tissue) that develop and remind you of your age may be improved or corrected by other measures. Deeper creases can be softened by fillers such as hyaluronic acid or collagen, and by Botox Cosmetic®, Plastic Surgery is not to be feared, and may be your best choice to appear as young and vibrant as you feel. The art and science of plastic surgery have advanced significantly in recent years, and a wide variety of safe procedures are available. Your treatment plan will be designed to meet your needs and take into account your budget, available recovery time, and risk tolerance. The first step you can take is to call our office (765) 838.2119.

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